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Qom / Iran.


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How beautiful is it that when you say “Subhanallah , Walhamdulillah , Walaa Ilaaha Illallah , Wallahu Akbar”, Allah SWT plants a tree for you in Jannah. How incredible and inviting is that. How appreciative is our Rabb that in the seconds it takes to say these words, He is building a garden and a home for us. It’s beyond comprehension. Allah wants us to go to Jannah. Thank you ya Rabb and please accept us.


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This tells us that learning is endless, we must continue to learn in order to go further.

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Protest in Marble Arch, London

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My late father was in Auschwitz. My late mother was in Majdanek concentration camp. Every single member of my family on both sides was exterminated. Both my parents were in the Warsaw ghetto uprising. And it is precisely and exactly because of the lessons they taught me and my two siblings that I will not be silent when Israel commits its crimes against the Palestinians. And I consider nothing more despicable than to use their suffering, and their martyrdom, to try to justify the torture, the brutalization, the demolition of homes, that Israel gainly commits against the Palestinians. So I refuse any longer to be intimidated or brow-beaten by the tears.

If you had any heart in you, would be crying for the Palestinians.

Norman Finkelstein

♥فلسطين حبيبتي 

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I just came across this brothers tweets. May Allah make it easy for him. Remember him in your prayers.


ya Allah, make it easy for him. ameen

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